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The new generation of CNC-LATHE-MACHINES -full automatic spring coilers machine based on mandrel coiling.

The advantages of these spring machines are:

-Very short set up time and the All in One system
-Work in Windows systems
-Touch screen monitor
-Unlimited space storege of spring types



The ASEL company is established at year 1996. by dipl.eng.el. Antun Srbiæ who has built this company based on spring machine production.Company is located in Croatia in town Slatina a well known country by tourism and historical buildings (Dubrovnik), arena in Pula etc.

Our company has employers with professional skills who are specialized in segment for producing spring machine and similary device. We offer different varios complet of machines to produce spring whose wire diameters are 0,5 to 22mm.
The Company is growing every day and athwart the big competition we are making the one of the best machines in the world.
With our engineers expert we can design and produce the wide range of special machines or devices according to special customer requirements.
If you need machines or devices for special requerements please contact us !

Our main products are CNC spring coiling machines, looping machine, forming machine, hydraulic and pneumatic wire cutter, wire coilers and decoilers - pay of reels, wire and stripes pull-in unit.
The ASEL company on demands of customers also produce:
wire mesh machine, wire straightening machine, machines for welding stealit (hard metal) on the teeth of saw, device for monitoring belt conveyer oven, tobacco drying controler, tobacco dust remover, greenhouse controler, controler for drying process for all agricultural products (tobacco, fruit, vegetables, mashroom, menthol etc.), chicken and turkey houses controler, digital thermostat and other device.

All of above mentioned products you can see in our web site.


ASEL - Spring machine production - HR33520 Slatina - Bakiæ 33 Croatia - Europe
tel: +385-33-400-570 /fax +385-33-546-343
gsm +385-98-342-567 /gsm: +385-95-470-5700
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